The Little Things

By. Adam Bankhurst

6:25 am.

Wake up. Hit snooze.

6:34 am.

Wake up again. Get out of bed.

I don’t know what it is about those nine minutes, but I thank the heavens each and every day for them. It’s such a small, negligible addition to my slumber, but waking up knowing I have another nine minutes of no responsibility is surprisingly refreshing.

As I get up and continue my cookie cutter day, I look forward to moments similar to the infamous “snooze.” These are sprinkled throughout the next 16 or so hours until I am welcomed back into my way-too comfortable bed. They break up an otherwise monotonous repetition that never seems to really change.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I dislike my life or anything. I just feel as if I’m stuck.


Ah well, enough wallowing.

As I get into my ’01 Mazda 626, lovingly called “sprinkles”, I partake in my second “moment” of the day, podcasts.

I have about a 27-minute drive to work on a good day with little traffic. While this would upset many a people, this time is all about catching up on my favorite audio shows. They range from “This American Life” to “The Talking Dead” and all keep me company throughout traffic jams, bad weather, and anything else that comes our way.

Today, Ira Glass is narrating a story of a man who attempted to walk across the country with no possessions. It’s quite fascinating.

However, before I get to the end of the segment I pull up to the office that unwillingly draws me to it every morning.

Paxton Advertising was founded by John Paxton 1962. He was a true visionary and created a fairly successful company in the decades that followed. As of late, things haven’t been going so well for the company, but they always find a way to stay afloat.

I am a copy writer and am currently working on an ad campaign for a car dealership owned by Jim Karol, a former all-state football player back in high school. Though he graduated years before me, he will never give up his glory days. This is abundantly clear as the ad I’m working on evokes said accomplishments.

Ah well, to each his own.

My morning is pretty uneventful and I actually catch up on a lot of work, which is nice. Before I know it I look down at my Mickey Mouse watch, and see his legendary hands telling me it is 12:58 pm.

Only two more minutes until temporary freedom, a.k.a. lunch. Today I think I will run to Chipotle. Some say I eat there too much, but I really don’t care. Those burritos never get old and enjoying my lunch while catching up on the latest gossip is a moment I never wish to pass by.

I wind down my work and get to a good stopping point and get up to leave just as my boss, Erin, walks by.

“Lucy, what are you doing right now?” She asks inquisitively.

She knows damn well what I’m doing. “I was just about to head to lunch. Did you need something?”

“Jim is coming in and wants to talk to our team about a new campaign he wants to run, I’d really like you to sit in.”

Well…I guess that majestic burrito just waiting to be devoured will have to wait.

“Sure thing! Just let me get my notes and laptop.” I say as I turn to grab my things.

I walk over to my desk and grab the essentials and head over to our conference room. While I wait, let’s see what John is up to…

Erin pops in a few minutes later with none other than the Jim Karol.

“Lucy!!! What a pleasure to see you again!” He says in a way only a seasoned car dealer can manage.

“The pleasure is mine, Jim!” I reach my hand out to shake his.

“Lucy, what you wrote for that ad that ran last month was absolutely incredible. I’ve never seen such an incredible response to one of our commercials. Showing my journey from a young boy to where I am today really moved a lot of people and made them connect my dealership with this town. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Oh…It’s nothing! I’m glad that it worked out!” I say, my face reddening with every second.

“I’ve always thought you were one of the best, and I asked Erin if it was alright for me to be here for this moment.”

I stare at him with a look of bewilderment.

Erin turns to me and says with a big smile on her face, “Lucy, we want to promote you to account executive for Jim’s dealership. He wants to deal with you directly.”

I am at a loss for words.

“Don’t think this means I’ll go easier on you, I expect nothing less than excellence!” Jim says with a smirk.

I manage to compose myself and respond, “I won’t let you down!”

“I know you won’t.”

He shakes my hand again, nods at Erin, and just like that, he is gone.

Erin smiles at me and heads back to her desk and I stay sitting at conference table, astonished.

Two years of hard work has finally paid off. It’s been tough, but I have fought through it.

I have to thank those extra nine minutes, all the podcasts, and the countless burritos. For without them, I may not have made it this far.

It is easy to get caught up in life, but sometimes those greatest pleasures are the ones that are right in front of you.

While my routine may be the same each and every day, it helps me get by. It helps me stay focused on my hopes and dreams and ensures I never let them go.

I may be taking on a lot more responsibility in the future, yet my moments will always stay the same.

I will always have those extra nine minutes.

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