The Little Things

By. Adam Bankhurst

6:25 am.

Wake up. Hit snooze.

6:34 am.

Wake up again. Get out of bed.

I don’t know what it is about those nine minutes, but I thank the heavens each and every day for them. It’s such a small, negligible addition to my slumber, but waking up knowing I have another nine minutes of no responsibility is surprisingly refreshing.

As I get up and continue my cookie cutter day, I look forward to moments similar to the infamous “snooze.” These are sprinkled throughout the next 16 or so hours until I am welcomed back into my way-too comfortable bed. They break up an otherwise monotonous repetition that never seems to really change.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I dislike my life or anything. I just feel as if I’m stuck.


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A Life Worth Living




I don’t understand.

“Alor, we don’t have time for this…”

He’s just standing there, staring off into a world that doesn’t exist to us anymore.

“We can’t stay here anymore, it’s too dangerous.” I seem to say only to myself.

I make Alor move and lead him along the path into the forest, while behind us we hear the cries and screams of those long beyond saving.


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